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Rafael Ávila Coya

STS-61A mission crew

Abemama (pronounced Apamama), Gilbert Islands, the land of the moon-light, is known by many as the island where the Declaration of a British Protectorate was made by Captain Davis of ‘Royalist’ on 27 May 1892. For a while, it was a home to Robert Louis Stevenson. The island is well known for its pristine beach and crystal clear blue lagoon. In Abemama, you still can find physical evidence of American and Japanese WWII relics, cultural shrines and sites/monuments relating to their traditional spirits and famous King Binoka. History of King Binoka and his close allies, the early foreign traders, can still be heard through oratory that was passed from one generation to another and written in some history books of Kiribati. The island is considered one of the popular weekend hideaways for expatriate from Tarawa (capital) and usually visited by cruising yachts due to its very sheltered lagoon bay. It also has the potential to host fly fishermen due its abundance of bonefishes.



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