Akeanon phrasebook

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Akeanon (also Aklanon) is a language spoken in the Philippines, mainly in northern parts of Panay.
Aklanon is unique among Philippine languages since it possesses the digraph ea ("l" pronounced with rolling "r" sound). According to legend, the digraph originated from the first ruler of Aklan, Datu Bangkaya, who had a short tongue and therefore could not pronounce the "l" sound.
Akeanon tongue-twisters:
Ro anwang nagaeugaeog sa eugan-eugan.
(The carabao is swimming in the mud.)
Ro kaeamay nagaeapuyot sa kaeaha.
(The sugar stuck on the pan.)
Bird : pispis
Carabao : anwang
Dog : Ayam
Cat : kuring
Rice : humay
Meat : suea
Akeanon Words
Crazy : kaumangon
Gold : bueawan

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