Altai Krai

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Altai Krai (Russian: Алта́йский край uhl-TIGH-skee krigh) is in a region Western Siberia. It is located immediately west of the semi-autonomous Altai Republic. Both regions are named after the stunningly beautiful Altai mountains and are home to the Altai people, an ethnically Turkic group living in the region for over 10,000 years. During Soviet times, Altai (both Krai and Republic) were very popular tourist destinations, particularly for adventure tourists interested in fishing, hunting, mountaineering and related mountain sports. In beauty, the Altai Krai is comparable to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska or the Swiss Alps.
Altai Krai borders Novosibirsk Oblast to the north, Kemerovo Oblast to the northeast, the Altai Republic to the southeast, and Kazakhstan to the south and west.



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