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Altavas is a 4th class municipality in the province of Aklan, Philippines.
Altavas is generally peaceful. The people of Altavas are deeply religious, congenially friendly, hospitable, and respectful.
A hundred years ago, Altavas was just like one of the many barangays existing today. It was part of Batan town and also under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of New Washington (formerly called Lagatic). If Altavas, as it is today, has achieved the status of a regular municipality, it was purely accidental. It was the result of the constant threat of Moro pirates among the inhabitants along the seashores of Batan. Fearful of being molested by Moro Pirates, they moved inland and settled in the place which is now the Poblacion of Altavas. These evacuees later became the nucleus of the present population of the town.

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