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Amakusa is a city and chain of islands off the west coast of Kumamoto in Japan.
The modern city of Amakusa was established in 2006 from the merger between the old cities of Hondo and Ushibuka, and the towns of Amakusa (former), Ariake, Goshoura, Itsuwa, Kawaura, Kuratake, Shinwa and Sumoto (all from Amakusa District).
The former Amakusa is west of Kumamoto City and has an area of 85.46 km². An estimated 4,676 people live there, comprising approximately 1,884 families. They have some special products known as Touseki- Amakusa, Takahamayaki, and Fukurenngino-komori-manzyuu. The former two are a type of pottery and the latter is a Japanese sweet.

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