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Aracaju is the capital of the state of Sergipe, Brazil. It's the capital of northeast with best quality of life (according to Federal Government). It's located on the coast, and cut by rivers such as Sergipe and Poxim. According to the population count conducted by the IBGE in 2007, the city has 520,303 inhabitants. In addition to the populations of cities that form the Great Aracaju, Nossa Senhora do Socorro, Barra dos Coqueiros, Laranjeiras and São Cristóvão, number passes for 760,000 inhabitants.
The toponymy "Aracaju" derives from the expression indigenous "ará acaiú", which in Tupi-guarani means "cashew of parrots". The element "ará" means "Parrots" and "acaiú", "fruit of the cashew."

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