Archipelago Trail

Sourced from Wikivoyage. Text is available under the CC-by-SA 3.0 license.

The Archipelago Trail or Archipelago Ring Road (Swedish: Skärgårdens ringväg, Finnish: Saariston rengastie) is a route in the Archipelago Sea in Finland, which uses roads and ferry connections to visit many of the major island in this archipelago.
The archipelago is best experienced by boat, but the Archipelago Trail allows seeing much of it by road. The itinerary passes through the main villages of the western and northern archipelago, while the ferry passages give you some feeling also for the archipelago as seen by boat, with fine views of this unique land of sea and rocky islands. You could also stay for a few days in a cottage by the shore or make detours to minor islands by ferry.
The most convenient means of travel on this route is bike or car, but there are coaches allowing going without vehicle. The tourist bureaus are working on a walking route, partly through the forests, which would offer a quite different experience (a detour to the woods is of course possible regardless). A few of the connections are mainly for tourists; off season completing the route may be difficult, especially by car, but variants are possible all year.



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