Armenian phrasebook

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Սէրուժ Ուրիշեան
Armenian (հայերէն/հայերեն, hayeren) is an Indo-European language, forming its own isolated branch within the Indo-European language family. Thus it is not related closely to any other Indo-European language. It is spoken by the Armenian people in the Republic of Armenia, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh and also by the Armenian diaspora all over the world. The estimate of speakers is 7 million.
It is divided into two main dialects: Western and Eastern. Eastern Armenian and its minor dialects are used by the Armenians living in Armenia. Western dialect is spoken by the members of Armenian diaspora whose ancestors fled Western Armenia (now in Turkey's Eastern Anatolia region) as a result of the Armenian Genocide.
This phrasebook deals with the Eastern dialect, which is the official language of Armenia.
One important thing: in Armenian there are two ways of addressing people, informal and formal, like in German, French or Russian. For formal address the plural form of second person (pronoun դուք (douq)) should be used, while the informal is pronoun դու (doo).
Please note that very few people in Armenia speak English, but almost everyone perfectly knows Russian. People have no problems speaking that language (with a slightly guttural accent), but learning a couple of expressions in Armenian will still not only turn useful in practice but also warm the hearts of already hospitable Armenians.

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