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Brian Dell
Brian Dell

Most travellers who come to Awdal are simply passing through on their way to Djibouti. Although often ignored by the few tourists who make it to the country, this administrative region of the self-declared republic of Somaliland is a destination in its own right. Named after the ancient Adal Sultanate, the Awdal region now carries little of the wealth and power that once existed. However, it is not completely devoid of interesting sites, with the old ruins of Zeila and spectacular coastline well worth a visit.
In 2010, the regional government attempted to secede from the Somaliland government, which itself had seceded from the Somali Government in Mogadishu. It proposed the establishment of a state called Awdalland, although from the traveller's point of view, travelling in the region is much like the rest of Somaliland. Geologically, the region lies in the Arabian Plate.


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