Bavarian cuisine

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Here is a list of some traditional food and drink in Bavaria. Even though Bavaria is a rather small region, there are regional variations within Bavaria, with both Swabia and Franconia having their own regional dishes and lacking tradition of some of the other dishes that are mostly Bavarian. The term "Weißwurst-Äquator" (white sausage-equator) originated to jokingly refer to the culinary and cultural differences one experiences when crossing the Danube. As much of the state of Bavaria as it exists today was annexed during the Napoleonic wars, the Bavarian state in its pre-19th century borders is often referred to as "Alt-Baiern" or Old Bavaria.
As for other icons of Bavarian culture, many Bavarian dishes are known around the world as "German", though far from all of them are popular throughout Germany.
The cuisines of the Alps, including those of North Italy — especially South Tyrol — have similarities to Bavarian cuisine.

Breads and salads

Main courses with meat

Main courses with fish



Bread, rolls and others

Sweet pastries