Bella Unión

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Vince Alongi
Mx. Granger
Bella Unión is more or less at the northwestern tip of Uruguay. Located on the Uruguay River in the northern interior of the country, it is close to the tripoint where Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina meet.
If you come to Bella Unión on the bus from Salto, you'll see lots of gauchos riding horses, and maybe even riding the bus with you. This is a preview of what's to come: Bella Unión is solidly in gaucho territory. It's perfectly normal to see men and even surprisingly young boys riding horses down the street, and if you head to the outskirts of town, you'll see plenty of cows and horses grazing, usually (but not always) with someone keeping an eye on them.
Aside from agriculture, Bella Unión is known for its main tourist draw: the duty-free shops (free shops). They primarily cater to visitors from across the border in Argentina and Brazil, but are open to anyone with a foreign passport.

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