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Bengal is a cultural and historic region in Asia. It is situated at the apex of the Bay of Bengal. On the north, it is bounded by the Himalaya; on the west by Northern India; on the east by North East India; and on the southeast by Burma (Myanmar).
When the territory of the British Raj was partitioned in 1947, the two new states India and Pakistan each got part of Bengal. Later East Pakistan (the Bengali part) broke away from the rest of Pakistan to become the separate nation of Bangladesh. Today the divisions are:

Bengali is the main language of the region and is widely spoken on both sides of the border. Most educated people in West Bengal also speak Hindi as a second language. It ranks as the seventh most common language in the world, and second in India, by number of native speakers. Hinduism is the main religion in West Bengal, while Islam is the main religion in Bangladesh.
The Grand Trunk Road runs through the region.



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