Blue Highway

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The Blue Highway (Norwegian: Blå vegen, Swedish: Blå vägen, Finnish: Sininen tie, Russian: Голубая дорога) is a route in Northern Europe, stretching from Mo i Rana on the Atlantic coast through Norway, Sweden and Finland to Pudozh near Petrozavodsk in Russia. It follows ancient waterways from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Onega, hence the name "Blue Highway".

The route is about 1,800 km long and probably best experienced by car. Much of the route is through sparsely populated countryside or wilderness, with great opportunities for outdoor life.
Through Norway (from Mo i Rana) and Sweden it is known as European Route E12, except a short stretch in Umeå. The route through Finland follows the highways 18, 16, 13 (just a short stretch), 77, 5 and 9. Finally, the route through Russia follows the highways 86-K8, A-121, P-21 and A-119.


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