Bodega Bay

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Ernesto Andrade, cropped by Phoebe
Bodega Bay is an ocean-front town in Sonoma County in California. It was the location for the filming of much of Alfred Hitchcock's horror film The Birds.
Rojer Wisner

Because Bodega Bay is on the Pacific Ocean, day-time temperatures are significantly cooler than the rest of Sonoma County. On a day when the high is 91 in Santa Rosa, the high for Bodega Bay is likely to be around 70 degrees; if the high for Santa Rosa is 75 degrees, it's going to be chilly in Bodega Bay. So dress appropriately, and don't be surprised if on a very hot summer weekend in Sonoma County, a lot of people (and cars) have headed for the most accessible beaches, in Bodega Bay and north to Jenner.

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