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Hiroshi sanjuro
Bogor is a city in the Bogor Raya region of Western Java, Indonesia. With almost a million inhabitants, modern Bogor is the 6th largest city of Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta metropolitan area) and the 14th nationwide. In the Middle Ages, the city was the capital of Sunda Kingdom under name of Pakuan Padjajaran. Its name changed during the Dutch colonial period to Buitenzorg, meaning "without care" in Dutch. The city changed its name to "Bogor" during the Japanese occupation.
Originally a mountain resort town, it is now a densely populated city that is part of the Greater Jakarta metropolitan area. The city is most famous for its presidential palace and the extensive botanical gardens (Bogor Botanical Garden), which is one of the oldest in the world. The city is also famous nationwide for its education, especially in Agricultural Science.


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