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Felipe Restrepo Acosta
Northwest Bogotá includes the localidades of Barrios Unidos and Suba. Barrios Unidos is a very poor section of urban Bogotá, and does not have much for the traveler north of the Salitre parks (which are covered in the Teusaquillo-Salitre guide).
Suba is a real mix of neighborhoods at different income levels, with the area between (clockwise) Calle 100, Avenida Suba, Calle 116, Avenida Boyacá, Calle 127, and the Autonorte (neighborhoods: Puente Largo, Alhambra, Malibú, El Batán, El Recreo de Los Frailes, and Córdoba) being very affluent, and consequently the place where you will find the most dining and nightlife.

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