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Carnarvon is a town in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. Once a port for the shipping of livestock, it's now a fruit & veg growing area and has a small fishing industry. It's the last town of any size before heading north into arid country towards Exmouth and Port Hedland, so for travellers it's a good overnight stop and chance to stock up.
The TIC, downtown at 21 Robinson St, is open 9-5 Mon-Fri, to noon Sat.
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You'll approach on the NW Coastal Highway, and know you're close when you see the OTC Dish pointing into space.
Integrity Coaches run twice a week north towards Exmouth (4 hours) and Broome, and south to Geraldton (6 hours) and Perth (12 hours). TransWA buses don't run this far north.

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