Cava de' Tirreni

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Cava de'Tirreni is a city in Campania, 8 kilometers inland from the Amalfi Coast, with one of the best preserved Porticos in the region and a lively but relaxed atmosphere.
Cava sits between the Lattari Mountains (which separates Cava from the Amalfi Coast) on the West and the Picentini Mountains on the East, and the built-up valley floor area forms the major centre of population. Various 'Fractions' of the town creep up the slopes of the mountains to the east and the west, and the valley floor falls away on the south towards Vietri sul Mare and towards Nocera Superiore and Nocera Inferiore to the north. Vesuvius can also be seen to the north in the distance.
Cava is also within easy reach of Salerno