Corvallis (Oregon)

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Walter Siegmund
Corvallis is in the state of Oregon in Benton County. By car, this town is about an hour and a half south of Portland, almost an hour north of Eugene, or almost an hour south of Salem, the Capital of Oregon. The town was first known as Marysville, but was later changed to Corvallis in 1857, which meant "heart of the valley" in Latin. Nestled at the foothills of the Coastal Mountain Range, Corvallis residents enjoy a multitude of mountain biking trails in their own backyard. As of 2012, Corvallis has a population of about 54,998.
People from around the world are drawn to Corvallis to attend Oregon State University. Corvallis has a history of excellence in regard to education; the Corvallis School District continually has some of the highest Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT) scores in the nation. Corvallis has the highest education level and the second highest income level in the state. Corvallis is the birthplace of Hewlett-Packard's computer inkjet printing process and was home to Nobel Prize-winner, Linus Pauling. The computer mouse was invented by a graduate of Oregon State University. Corvallis also spawned Randy Couture, who is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

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