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Courmayeur is a skiing and mountaineering resort at the head of Valle d’Aosta, in northwest Italy. At 1224 m elevation, it has a spectacular location near the foot of Mont Blanc (called Monte Bianco in Italian).
The village has been settled since Roman times, during which the villagers subsisted on a sparse crop of rye and meat, and was a spa resort as early as the 18th century, because of its sulphurous springs. It began to grow during the 19th century's fashion for alpinism, and Italy’s first alpine guide society was established here. The 20th century saw it develop as a ski resort, and the opening of the Mont Blanc tunnel in 1965 greatly improved road access from northern Europe.
The core of the village is the 1 km pedestrianised section of Via Roma, between Hotel Courmayeur at the south end and the town hall at the north end. About 500 m SW of Hotel Courmayeur, down Via Volpi, is the base station for the main cable-car; the north end of the village is served by the smaller Dolonne cable-car. These both rise to the 1702 m station of Plan Checrouit, a small plateau with restaurants, bars and ski rental & schools. All the resort’s skiing is above here: the ski lifts close late afternoon, but the main cable-car runs till 23:40, and the plateau restaurants and bars stay open evenings.
Beyond the centre of Courmayeur, the village straggles along highway SS26. The top of the highway is at the small settlement of La Palud / Entreves, where Valle d’Aosta is formed by the confluence of Val Ferret from the east, and Val Veny from the west. A third cable-car runs up to the ski slopes from here. The SS26 interchanges with the Autostrada, which briefly emerges from its tunnel to take a last gulp of air before plunging beneath Mont Blanc to France.

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