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"This is Illyria, lady." - William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Act I, Scene 2
Dalmatia (Croatian: Dalmacija) is the southern coastal region of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. It's by far the most popular tourist area in the country, with many seasonal flights, package hotels and visits by cruise ships.
The Dalmatian dog was first recorded hereabouts in the 17th century, but Dalmatia probably means sheep, delmë in Albanian. Its unruly tribes were subdued by the Romans in the 1st century BC and became part of the province of Illyria. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare's characters are shipwrecked here, to become embroiled in a farrago of cross-dressing, misguided love affairs, drunken revelry and dangerous pranks: nothing like any modern bunch of tourists. Dalmatia is mentioned in the Bible New Testament (2 Timothy 4:10), where Paul whinges about the many colleagues who've deserted him, such as Titus who's gone to Dalmatia, perhaps in need of a holiday from Paul.


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