Dalton Highway

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Photo by Micah Bochart

The James W. Dalton Highway (Alaska Route 11, the "Dalton Highway", "the Dalton", or the "Haul Road") is a road traversing central and northern Alaska. It is one of only two roads in North America (the other being the Dempster Highway in Yukon, Canada) that cross the Arctic Circle and connect to the rest of the North American road network. It begins at Mile 73 of the Elliott Highway (Alaska Route 2) north of Fairbanks and ends at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean amid the Prudhoe Bay oilfield.
The scenic Dalton Highway passes courses through boreal forests, across the Yukon river and the Arctic Circle, through the Brooks Range mountains, the Continental Divide at Atigun pass, and finally traverses the treeless North Slope tundra to the Deadhorse and the Prudhoe Bay oilfields near the Arctic Ocean. While travel up the entirety of this road is quite an undertaking, the journey rewards drivers with breathtaking vistas and the experience of America's Arctic, its wildlife and landscape.



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