Diving in South Africa

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Peter Southwood
This article is intended to provide the already qualified scuba diver with information which will help to plan dives in the waters of South Africa, whether as a local resident or a visitor. Information is provided without prejudice, and is not guaranteed accurate or complete. Use it at your own risk. The information is primarily about recreational scuba dive sites, but may also be useful to the snorkeller or freediver.
If you are looking for information on getting training and certification as a recreational scuba diver, refer to the article on scuba diving for general information, or the regional article covering your area of interest, to find listings of dive schools.
More detailed regional information and listings of dive shops, operators, and other related services will also usually be found in the regional guides. Some information and listings for areas without a regional guide may be found in this article under the Services headings in the Destination section.




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