Driving tour of Scotland

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The Driving tour of Scotland is in the United Kingdom. It would take about two days to drive this route non-stop, but it would be best to allow 7 - 10 days to have a relaxed tour, seeing the sights on the way.
One way of looking at Scotland is to think of it as divided in two parts: the first is the Highlands whereas the second is known as the Lowlands and contains the industrial heartland. Traditionally the Highlanders spoke Gaelic while the Lowlanders spoke Scots. The "central belt" cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh house the vast majority of Scotland's population. They're worth a visit for their culture, architecture and history. Heading up into the Highlands there are relatively few people, small villages, just the occasional town, and great sights to enjoy.
Rainy days and midges are the main threats to your visit. Both are annoying rather than dangerous - the small flies don't carry diseases but will bite you leaving an itchy spot for a few days. The rain is what makes the landscape so lush and green, so try to be philosophical about it!
It is best to plan your stops in advance, as there are limited places to sleep in some locations, and it would be best to book accommodation a month or two in advance.

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