Eastern Visayas

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Eastern Visayas is one of the three administrative regions in the Visayas group of islands, and is designated Region VIII out of the 17 regions of the entire Philippines.
Wikivoyage divides the Visayas up without using the administrative regions; see the Visayas article for details.
The region is also a destination for marine adventures like scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. At the southern end of Leyte island, Sogod Bay boasts of a massive underwater coral gardens ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. The smaller island of Biliran is popular to beachcombers with its pristine white sand beaches.
For geological wonders, along its shores at the northern part of Samar island are towering rock formations in Biri and Capul, Northern Samar, and in the Leyte Gulf side of Marabut, Samar. There are volcanic lakes located in the various islands of the region, most notable of which is Lake Danao in Ormoc City.
For road trip adventure, the three major island of the region is encircled by a coastal highway end to end. Countryside driving can be a relaxing experience with views of the ocean and seas atop the mountains of Samar. San Juanico Bridge connects Leyte and Samar islands between Tacloban City and Sta. Rita, Samar. Biliran Bridge connects Leyte and Biliran islands.
Historical sites such as Homonhon and Limasawa islands, two of the stops Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan made during the first recorded voyage around the world, are located in the region. Homonhon Island is at the southern end of Samar Island while Limasawa Island is at the southern end of Leyte Island.
The region is home of the Pintados and Sangyaw festivals. On the month of June each year, Pintados and Sangyaw festivals are held in the region's capital Tacloban City. These festivals are the region's biggest crowd drawing events coinciding with the religious festivities of Tacloban City honoring Señor Sto. Niño, the Patron Saint of Tacloban. Other smaller festivals and festivities are held in every town annually at different dates.





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