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Fogo (Eng.: "fire") is one of the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic. It is part of the Cape Verde archipelago Ilhas de Sotavento (Eng.: "Leeward Islands") and lies east of the islands Brava and west of Santiago. The Pico do Fogo is with 2829 m the second highest mountain in the Atlantic and dominated the island, which has a diameter of about 26 km. The seabed here is on about 5,300 m, making the cone then measuring approximately 8,100 meters from base to tip. The cone rises about 1,000 m above the caldera. On the flank of Pico do Fogo, the last active 1995 Pico Pequeno has risen. The Caldeira, framed by the Bordeira and dominated by Pico do Fogo forms a worldwide unique volcanic ensemble.
Fogo erupted out of the Atlantic 100,000 years ago and has been an active volcano ever since. The most recent eruption was in 1995 which had the inhabitants of Chã das Caldeiras - the crater region at the top of the island - evacuate their homes for 6 months.



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