Fort Bragg

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Robert Campbell

Fort Bragg is a small, isolated town on California's North Coast and serves as the economic hub of the area despite the demise of its historic logging and fishing industries at the end of the 20 th century. Long regarded as the "Beast" to the neighboring village of Mendocino's "Belle," it has slowly been shedding its inhospitable, blue-collar reputation and begun to warm to the new reality of a tourism-based economy with art galleries, microbreweries and gastropubs of its own. In several aspects it has already eclipsed the appeal of Mendocino as a tourist destination, as being an order of magnitude larger in population grants it the ability to support several beloved American franchises like Starbucks, McDonalds, Best Western and Motel 6, suddenly making vacations to the Lost Coast accessible to those whose budget scoffs at the minimum $300/night lodging costs of its southern sibling. within the city limits and 14,799 when including the adjacent unincorporated area claimed by the local school district, increasingly dominated by retirees and vacation rental operators as the collapse of the natural resource industries and very high property values leave few opportunities for families and younger people.


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