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With a population of over 15,000 and a history that stretches back to the dawn of European colonization in what is now Canada, Gaspé is the largest city and unofficial capital of the region with which it shares its name. As the Gaspé Peninsula's most important service centre and transportation hub, almost every visitor to the region will pass through at one point or another on their travels.
But Gaspé presents something of a conundrum: no one comes to this part of Quebec in search of urban creature comforts, and — especially for tourists who've just been wowed by the majestic scenery while driving into town along the St. Lawrence, or spent a day taking in the touristy atmosphere of Percé down the road — at first glance Gaspé can seem like a workaday, all-business kind of town, a bit lacking in charm.
But that doesn't necessarily mean you should hit the road as soon as you've touched down at Michel Pouliot Airport, stocked up on fuel or provisions, or whatever has brought you to town. Stick around awhile and dig a little deeper, and Gaspé's low-key but worthwhile range of attractions might surprise you.


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