German cuisine

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German cuisine offers many different regional cooking styles and culinary specialties. Both traditional food and drinks and new creations and variations are appreciated.
Since the 1950s, foreign cuisines have increasingly found their way into Germany and have mixed with local dishes. There is hardly a place with gastronomy where Turkish, Greek, Italian or other international restaurants are not represented. Global fast food chains are also widespread, and the trend towards slow food is also gaining ground. Since the beginning of the 21st century, there has also been a trend towards lighter cuisine. Crossover cuisine, or fusion food, is becoming fashionable and vegetarian or vegan dishes are also making their way onto menus.
According to the Michelin Guide and other gastronomy guides, top gastronomy in Germany has reached a high global status. In the 2015 edition, 282 restaurants nationwide were awarded stars, the third most worldwide after Japan and France.


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