Golden (Colorado)

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Golden Panorama (5893285596).jpg
Golden is a city in the Denver Area of Colorado. It sits at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and distance-wise is roughly halfway between the cities of Boulder and Denver. It is the home of the Coors Brewery, the Colorado School of Mines, and the Colorado Railroad Museum.
The city of Golden has a distinct country-western atmosphere due in part to its gold-mining history and in part to its proximity to the front range. A slogan often used to describe the city claims that it's "Where The West Lives". Also, an iconic, antique signboard draped over Golden's Main Street ushers in travelers with "Howdy Folks! Welcome To Golden".
In keeping with the general spirit of the Rockies, Golden is an outdoor, active town. It's not unusual to see kayakers lugging boats around town and playing in the mile long whitewater course that runs through town, or mountain bikers returning from a ride up to the surrounding hills.


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