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Gunma Prefecture (群馬県 Gumma-ken) is a prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan.
Gunma is a rural part of Japan with hot springs, a safari park, and plenty of hiking.
For anime fans, Gunma is also the backdrop for the popular street racing/drifting anime called "Initial D".
Gunma prefecture is said to be shaped like a crane in flight, so there is a card - Tsuru mau katachi no gunma-ken in Jomo Karuta (Japanese card game).
In general, Japanese women are strong and they are called "Kakaa-tenka". It means a man married a woman from Gunma is henpecked.
Gunma is famous for the strong "Karakaze", or dry wind, which blows down from the Japanese Alps through much of the winter but carries little snow.


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