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South Helsinki is in this guide defined as the part of Helsinki south of the Esplanadi and Bulevardi streets. It also includes the archipelago south of Helsinki, such as the Suomenlinna islands.
The southernmost part of the Helsinki peninsula, this is a calm part of Helsinki with the city's most affluent residential areas (especially in the Eira district), probably more than half of the embassies and consulates in Helsinki and lot of greenery including the Observatory Hill and Kaivopuisto. If you're interested in upscale fashion and design shoppings and trendy cafés, this is where in Helsinki you should head. On the other hand, the western corner of this district has a more industrial character with the shipyard, warehouses and the famous Kahvila Suomi serving traditional Finnish food for workers in the marine industries since decades.
Beyond the coastline, lined by yachts in the summer, there are a several small islands that have something to offer to visitors; from outdoor activities to exclusive eateries. The by far largest, best known and most popular is Suomenlinna — actually a cluster four islands made connected by bridges. This former fortification is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but it's not just a tourist attraction, but home to several hundred inhabitants.

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