Hiking and backpacking in Israel

Sourced from Wikivoyage. Text is available under the CC-by-SA 3.0 license.
Israel is a very convenient country for hiking in the wild, thanks to its mild weather, relatively unthreatening wilderness, the proximity of natural sites to cities, and not least – its extensive marked-trails system. However, many complications could occur – both natural and legal ones – that people travelling from abroad should familiarize themselves with, before hitting the trails.
The main considerations for planning your trip are summarized in the following checklist. Consult the list of destinations to choose where you want to go and understand how you should prepare yourself. Read also the safety issues below.
Note, backpacking in this article refers to wilderness backpacking and does not cover backpacking in the sense of inexpensive travel on a shoestring.




Gear up



Pick your destination

Stay safe

Kick it up