Hillsboro (Oregon)

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M.O. Stevens
Hillsboro is a city in the Portland Metropolitan Area in Oregon. It contains several district such as hip and trendy Orenco in all of its high-density glory. More rural South Hillsboro, although the mayor's new building program is starting to build up this area into subdivisions. Central Hillsboro and the downtown area contains buildings dated back to the 1950s, and a few earlier examples still exist. Northern Hillsboro around the Airport is mostly industrial with no tourist attractions other than the hotels. This city has a traditional farming community background with visible roots of agriculture. Remnants of this rural past can still be seen in the rural areas outside the city. The Orenco district used to be completely filled with nurseries, although the remaining ones have moved outside the city. There is also a rich Hispanic history here. Almost half of the population is Hispanic and many people speak Spanish. Schools in this area offer a Dual Language program where students in grades K-12 can take half of their courses in Spanish! This city is also home to technology giant Intel, as well as having production facilities for many other tech and software companies. This city also can serve as a home base for trips out into the countryside, or day trips to Portland.

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