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Howth (pronounced hohth) is a small seaside town in County Dublin, 14 km (9 miles) northeast of Dublin city centre. It's on a "tombola" peninsula: once an island, it became connected to the mainland by a sandy isthmus, which is now the residential area of Sutton.
The name "Howth" is probably from Old Norse Hǫfuð, a headland. Vikings colonised here from 819, and after their defeat by Brian Boru at Clontarf in 1014 they held out here until 1177. Then the Normans crushed them (hence the "Bloody Stream") and began building the castle. Howth developed as a fishing and trading port. In the 19th century it competed with Dún Laoghaire to be a shipping port for Dublin, but silting of the harbour meant it eventually lost its commercial business. Fishing continues and there's a coastguard base, but it's nowadays mainly a leisure marina. The main reasons to visit Howth are for its beaches, clifftop walks and boat trips. It's glorious in Aug and Sept when the heather cloaks the cliffs in red.
There isn't a TIC here but see the town website for info.

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