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Huancayo is the capital of the department of Junin in Southern Sierra region of Peru.
The population is about 500,000, altitude 3300 m. Huancayo lies on the lower end of the broad Mantaro Valley. The surrounding mountains reach up to ~3,600 m. En route from Lima, the road ascends as high as ~4818 m.
In Peru, there is not only Cusco, Arequipa and Puno to visit, but also charming, smaller towns such as the ones encountered in the region of Junin. These towns represent another aspect of the Peruvian culture and its traditions, giving tourists another angle from which to experience this diverse country. In Huancayo and its surroundings, there are many activities on offer and many not so touristy cultural sites to visit. When Pizzaro settled the first capital of Peru in Jauja, his first impression of the region was that it looked like Switzerland. The everlasting valley of Mantaro is very green in the wetter parts of the year, but dries out quite a bit at other times. Its agriculture is flourishing and is full of wandering cows, pigs, donkeys and lambs.
The region is full of pre-Inca ruins, from the Huanca civilization. You should go and visit Tunanmarca, a Huanca ruin that has more than 3000 houses! Or go trekking on the Huaytapallana glacier for a day.
It is a pleasant and relatively safe place for visitors to practice their Spanish, meet down-to-earth Peruvians, and try delicious local food at reasonable prices. Ruins, museums, trekking and fishing are on the menu.

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