Inner Hebrides

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The Inner Hebrides are those islands lying close to the mainland of Western Scotland. If you have a notion to see “the Highlands & Islands”, without being more specific, the place you're looking for is among the Inner Hebrides. But you shouldn’t plan to visit many of them on a single trip, let alone try to bag them all. Transport routes radiate out from the mainland, with limited inter-island links, so you’d end up spending a lot of time waiting on draughty jetties or in Glasgow airport transit lounge. And the main charm of the islands is their relaxed, away-from-it-all feel – they’re not places for frenetic sight-seeing and hurrying on to the next attraction.
So you need to pick your island, or group of islands in the instances where they do naturally link. All of them are described in detail on their own pages, and general advice on air & ferry transport is in the “Getting around” page for Scotland. This page just gives a brief overview to guide that choice and itinerary. The islands are therefore considered below not in any geographical sense, but in order of potential for visitors: accommodation and food, things to do & see, and convenience of getting there. This is inevitably very subjective but if for a first visit you choose an island near the top of the list, and get around to the others on future trips, you’re unlikely to go wrong. Or if you find yourself charmed by one particular spot, returning whenever you can and never mind the others, that’s equally good.


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