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The Bosphorus is the channel that connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, and separates Europe from Asia; but the term has also come to mean the neighbourhoods of Istanbul that lie along its banks. (In Turkish Boğaz means the Bosphorus channel, while Boğaziçi is the word for these neighbourhoods.) These began as separate fishing villages, and even today have not completely grown into each other. So they each have a different character, with late Ottoman palaces, parks, and lush woodlands. This is one of the most scenic districts of Istanbul, especially in May when the Judas trees (Turkish: Erguvan, Latin: Cercis siliquastrum) swathe the shoreline and the hills with their deep-pink flowers.
This article only describes the European bank of Bosphorus, and nearby sections of its Black Sea coast. For the Asian bank of Bosphorus (and the more extensive eastern Black Sea coast), see Istanbul/Asian Side.

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