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Haredim on Malkhei Yisrael Street, Jerusalem.jpg
Haredi or Chareidi Jerusalem refers to the parts of Jerusalem which are overwhelmingly populated by Haredi (or 'ultra-Orthodox') Jews. About a third of Jerusalem's population (300,000 people), and more than 60% of Jewish youth in Jerusalem, are Haredi.
Haredi neighborhoods make up much most of the northwest of the city. With a few exceptions, neighborhoods north and west of the light rail line are Haredi, while neighborhoods south and east are not. Many of these neighborhoods used to have a mixed Haredi-secular population, but as the Haredi population has grown they have become more homogeneous. However, the large Ramot neighborhood in the northwest of the city still has a mixed population. Also, there are two significant Haredi-populated neighborhoods outside the area covered in this article - Bayit Vegan near Mount Herzl, and Neve Yaakov in the far northeast of the city. Tourists are unlikely to be interested in these outlying neighborhoods, though.

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