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Kapit is a town at the upper Rejang River, Sarawak, Malaysia. It can be reached by boat from Sibu or Belaga.
At present (August 2008) a new wharf is being built so a small temporary one is located at the west of the town. All boats from Sibu arrive here - previously they were split between different docks depending on destination.
As of Jan 2011, there are no speedboats heading North to Belaga due to a new dam up the river. Alternate routes include heading back to Sibu and taking a bus, or trying to arrange smaller boats and 4WD vehicles (though this could be costly).
As of Jan 2012 it's possible to take speedboats to Belaga, since the dam is completed. You need to apply for a free of charge permit at the Residents office in Kapit near the airport. Therefore you need to stay overnight in Kapit before heading to Belaga. It's possible to take a 4WD from Belaga down to the main road at the coast.
There are some longhouses close to Kapit. But be cautious with guides in Kapit, as you'll just be overcharged for transport/housing that you can find on your own at the local wet market. Be cautious about a friendly Mr. Joshua Muda Guna, who is wrongly mentioned in some guide books as reliable and knowledgeable. His tours are expensive and you don't get what he promises.

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