Koli National Park

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Pentti Rautio
Lobke Thijssen
Eero Järnefelt

Koli National Park (Kolin kansallispuisto) lies in the municipalities of Joensuu, Lieksa and Kontiolahti in North Karelia, Eastern Finland, on the western shore of Lake Pielinen, and covers 3000 hectares. Established in 1991, the uncommonly beautiful national park and diversified winter tourist centre is administered by the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla).
When Finland was building its national identity in the late 19th century, Koli inspired many painters and composers, e.g. Jean Sibelius, Juhani Aho and Eero Järnefelt. Koli became the probably best known national scenery of Finland. A large scenery about Koli from 1911, by Eero Järnefelt, A.W. Finch and Ilmari Aalto, can be seen in the restaurant of Helsinki railway station.


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