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Kruševo (Macedonian: Крушево, Aromanian: Crushuva) is a town in western North Macedonia. Its location at an elevation of 1,350 m (4,430 ft), among the highest in the Balkans, gives it a degree of isolation. Historic Kruševo was in 1903 the centre of the Ilinden Uprising against the Ottoman Empire that led to the formation of a republic that lasted only 10 days but is seen as the prelude to the modern Macedonian republic. Today, the main celebrations of the national holiday Ilinden, on the 2nd of August, are held in Kruševo to commemorate that struggle for independence.
Kruševo is also known as the centre of the Vlach (Aromanian) minority in North Macedonia, though they form only about 20% of the town's 5,330 residents as of the last census. Vlachs and the Mijak group of Macedonians that inhabit the town are historically known for their building skills, giving Kruševo a unique collection of architecture. Hidden up in the mountains between the woods, Kruševo has managed to preserve this genuine appeal. The town has the same layout as a century ago and a great deal of traditional houses and buildings are preserved, so it is a good place to admire and learn about traditional architecture. The town is also a winter skiing destination, with a ski lift running right above the town.


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