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Lærdal is a village, a valley and a district in Sogn og Fjordane. Lærdal village is situated at the end of the Lærdal valley. Lærdal is home to Borgund stave church, one of the best preserved and typical stave church of its kind. The valley is one of the major valleys of the county and cuts deep into the central uplands from Sognefjorden. Lærdal is known for its modest rainfall, fine salmon river and intensive horticulture along the valley floor. Lærdal village is protected by law because of its fine collection of old wooden buildings. Because of its easy access to Eastern Norway by road and to Bergen and Western Norway by boat, Lærdal has always been a hub. The main road between Oslo and Bergen runs through Lærdal, including the world's longest road tunnel, the 25 kilometer long Lærdal tunnel.


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