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Limbang is a small town in northern-most part of Sarawak. It is the capital of the division of the same name.
While it has the pleasant atmosphere of an isolated Sarawak interior administrative centre, Limbang does not have that much to offer the traveller. However, you may find yourself here if travelling overland from Sabah to Sarawak or vice-versa. Limbang is also one start/end of the Headhunter's Trail to/from Mulu National Park.
Limbang is geographically peculiar as it is sandwiched between two parts of Brunei. This situation was created in 1890 when the White Rajahs of Sarawak forced the Sultan of Brunei to cede the Limbang district. Till today, the Sultanate continues a not-much-heard-of territorial claim over Limbang. Because of the undeveloped interior of the district, most transportation links between Limbang and the rest of Sarawak have to go through Brunei.

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