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Lubaantun (meaning "the place of the fallen stones") is a Late Classic Maya site near the village of San Pedro Columbia in southern Belize and is a great counterpart to Tikal and Caracol if you’re on the Mayan Ruin tour. The quiet green forest can easily wrap around you as you wander the ruins alone.
The site is well known for its construction method. You’ll notice a distinct curved notch to the sandstone and limestone brick work of the temples and courts. This is done with a precise stone cut in which the bricks are stacked without mortar. Supposedly this is the only known notch system of stone bricks in the Mayan world, possibly added by the Maya as a feature to bring stability to the structure in case of an earthquake (according to local guide, not verified).
It is also well known for its ceramic whistle figurines, its stepped architecture, and its three ballcourts (three sculpted ballcourt markets were 'exported' to the Peabody Museum sometime after 1915), and for being the supposed discovery site of the Mitchell-Hedge's crystal skull.


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