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Pulau Maitara and Pulau Tidore from the Floridas Restaurant in Pulau Ternate (Ternate Island), The Moluccas (Maluku) (15182126636).jpg

The Maluku Islands, also known as the Moluccas or the Spice Islands, are a region of Indonesia lying between Sulawesi and Papua. They are divided into North Maluku Province and Maluku Province. Maluku was the first part of what is now Indonesia to be colonized by Europeans, first the Portuguese, then Spanish and finally the Dutch. As a result, many Moluccans have European names.
The islands are still somewhat off-the-beaten track for travelers. Because of their isolation and lack of infrastructure, some of the small islands are a hidden paradise. Transport can be frustrating, but the combination of pristine reefs, tropical beaches, forest-coated volcanoes, centuries-old forts and charming local culture make the effort worthwhile.




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