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Adam Bruderer

Castlefield-Petersfield covers the area in central Manchester west of Quay St, Peter St, and Oxford St. It covers the locales of Castlefield and Petersfield (also known as St Peter's Fields). Both are located within The Historic County Boundaries of Lancashire.
Castlefield is the site of the original Roman settlement Mamucium and has been known as Castlefield since Medieval times. It is the centre of Manchester's canal network and includes the Castlefield Basin, which joins the Rochdale and Bridgewater canals. Very important in industrial times, it became run down in post-war times until it was completely regenerated in the 1990s and designated Britain's first Urban Heritage site. These days it is like a small country oasis in the heart of the city, with regular events and a handful of great pubs around the canals and the neighbouring streets. It is also the only place to see wildlife in Manchester's centre.
Petersfield (also known as the Exhibition Quarter) is the home of Manchester's exhibition, conference and concert halls, as well as the almost-deserted Great Northern shopping and entertainment centre and two of the city's most luxurious hotels. It is also home to the Beetham Tower, the tallest building in the UK outside of London and the home to Manchester's Hilton hotel.

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