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Mike Peel
North Manchester is the area of Manchester north of the centre bounded by the M60, the A6, and A57. The main area of interest is just north of Victoria railway station, along the Cheetham Hill and New Bury roads. The area also includes Sportcity, the big sports complex to the east. Towards the M60, some of it falls within other townships of Greater Manchester, such as Bury to the north and Salford to the west.
The area is multi-cultural with significant Polish, Ukraine, Irish, Punjabi, Sikh and other communities; but most notably it has a large Jewish community, with many schools and synagogues, and a museum. One member of that community was Michael Marks, from Slonim (nowadays in Belarus), who met up with Tom Spencer and Isaac Dewhirst and founded the retail chain Marks & Spencer.

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