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Situated on the southwest side of Midtown Manhattan, Chelsea has changed considerably in recent years. Encompassing the area west of 6th Avenue from 14th Street up to 31st, the area was once a locus of industry, with many factories and other industrial buildings occupying the blocks along the Hudson River. Chelsea's explosive growth began in the 1990s and continues today, with new towers expanding the neighborhood as far north as Madison Square Garden. While the northern part of the neighborhood is still a gritty commercial and industrial zone, the rest of the neighborhood has been rapidly gentrifying.
Today, Chelsea has a huge concentration of art galleries and is a popular dining and nightlife district, with the area along 8th Avenue being the center of gay social life in Manhattan. Old industrial structures have found new life as parks, most notably the well-received High Line, built atop a defunct railway, and the Chelsea Piers on the Hudson River, now a huge sports and recreation complex. At the southern end of Chelsea is the Meatpacking District, a small district along the Hudson just south of 14th that was once a major center of meatpacking firms before becoming the hip, trendy neighborhood of today, with nightclubs and high-end boutiques occupying the old industrial spaces. A wave of new construction continues to sweep through the area, transforming this old industrial area into an upscale entertainment destination.

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