Manhattan/Theater District

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Broadway. Times Square. Madison Square Garden. The name says it all: the Theater District is the entertainment hub of the city, and possibly the entire nation. The western half of Midtown Manhattan (to be distinguished from Midtown East), this is where you'll find Times Square, the streets packed with people taking in quite arguably the brightest entertainment district in the world. Despite its gaudy signage and superficial nature, a place where no local would want to be caught dead, it's hard not to be awestruck by it all. This is where the famous musicals of Broadway perform, where many famous TV shows are taped, and where the Knicks and Rangers play to sellout crowds.
It's easy to get distracted by Times Square; even in this city of giant skyscrapers and famed landmarks, the night glow of the Theater District overwhelms everything around it, making the rest of Manhattan look dark in comparison. It draws your attention away from anything else, much like a stage light focused on a theater set. But there is more to this area than bright lights and big-name shows, with revivified neighborhoods surrounding the core entertainment zone. To the south of Times Square lies the Garment District, center of New York's fashion scene, while to the north and west are more residential areas. West of Times Square is Hell's Kitchen, long the site of many smaller theaters and studios, less flashy than their counterparts on Broadway but no less active. There's much to see and do here — just try not to forget about the rest of Manhattan while you're here.


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